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How to Survive A Depression Today
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Many of us are wondering how to survive a depression today in 2012.  How will you survive an economic collapse? Current global economies appear to be on a downward spiral and there is no end in sight.  Everyday there's a new industry that is tanking.  The key is to plan on how to survive a depression without anyone telling you that a economic collapse is in full swing.  By the time they tell you it's a depression it will be to late to ask, "How to survive a depression?" 

People are getting laid off daily and some towns appear to be shut down.  Do a search on Abandoned Cities and you'll see how our current economy is affecting the United States.  Many countries are recommending a one world currency and this should shake the very heart of each citizen around the world.  Yes, this is a global ecomomic crisis and we may need to figure out how to survive an economic collapse.  Many are stocking up on food and water now.


This Site Will Show Survival Preparation
How To Survive A Depression Today
How To Survive An Economic Collapse

This site is here to assist with finding necessary products and services to help us know how to survive a depression today and to figure out how to come up with strategies if the economy collapses.  Survival is the only option.  Not tomorrow, but today is the moment we are in and proper planning is a necessity.  In this site you will find survival videos, heirloom seeds, planting methods, Chemical/Bio Warfare equipment, water filtration systems, survival and first aid kits, e-books, and numerous other products.  If the economy collapses, you'll also will formulate an escape route in case you have to go mobile. If the economy collapses, there will be no stores, no electricity, or even water. Time is of the essence and we need to aquire supplies so we will know how to survive a depression today.  Our survival is at stake.

 A few people are trying to determine what is an economic depression or what could lead up to an economic collapse. Remember, this is a Global Economic Collapse. This is not just our country, it's everywhere.  Lets analyze Irving Fisher's thoughts and see what lead up to the Great Depression - Great Economic Collapse.  Irving Fisher was an American economist, health campaigner, a eugenicist, and one of the earliest American neoclassical economists.  Maybe we can get an insight on how to survive a depression today:

According to the Wikipedia, Irving Fisher argued that the predominant factor leading to the Great Depression was overindebtedness and deflation.  Fisher tied loose credit to over-indebtedness, which fueled speculation and asset bubbles. He then outlined 9 factors interacting with one another under conditions of debt and deflation to create the mechanics of boom to bust. The chain of events proceeded as follows:

   1. Debt liquidation and distress selling

   2. Contraction of the money supply as bank loans are paid off

   3. A fall in the level of asset prices

   4. A still greater fall in the net worths of business, precipitating bankruptcies

   5. A fall in profits

   6. A reduction in output, in trade and in employment.

   7. Pessimism and loss of confidence

   8. Hoarding of money

   9. A fall in nominal interest rates and a rise in deflation adjusted interest rates.

How To Survive A Depression Today?
Current Survival Situation In 2012


Now we should ask ourselves, is any of this happening today?  If you were to read further into the article from Wikipedia, there's only one thing that brought the nation out of the economic depression. That one thing was World War II. We would have to say yes, this pattern could definitely be occurring in our present time. There were so many bailouts that I've lost track.  Higher unforeseen taxes are being implemented and states are starting to apply for their State's Soveignty.  Can you believe there is such a tax as the Storm Water Run Off Tax?  We may even end up having a carbon tax within the next year.  The hand writing is on the wall.  Would you know how to survive a depression or survive an economic collapse today?  What if you woke up and the government was on the news saying that the global economy had crashed?   Hopefully you would already have food and water for several months for your family.  Going to the grocery store may not be a good idea with fellow citizens panicking.  At least you can have confidence in knowing that your family has prepared for the worse.  Your survival depends on it.

With all of this excess government spending and dire condition of our economy, we could very easily tumble into a deep depression.  This brings me back to the original question, how do we survive a depression today?  Global survival is in jeopardy.  Lack of preparation can be detrimental.  You can be in the UK, Italy, Germany, Canada, Vietnam, Korea, China, Africa, Greece, England, Scotland, Iran, Australia, UAE, or even Saudi Arabia.  You are still part of this global agenda.  Together we'll show others how to survive a depresstion today in 2012.


How To Survive A Depression?
What Should WE Do For Our Survival
What Do You Have On This Site


There are a few things we can start doing.  This way when a person asks, "How to survive a depression today?"  Lets at least have some answers for the upcoming years.  The survival investments we'll focus on may be life-saving tips and may help with how to survive a depression today.

  1. Heirloom Seeds and Organic Gardening Tips
  2. Survival Kits
  3. First Aid Kits
  4. Water Filtration Kits and Supplies
  5. Emergency Food
  6. Emergency Water
  7. Two-Way Radios and Citizen Band Radios
  8. Bartering of Services
  9. Supplies that Disappear During a Crisis
  10. Outdoor Survival Equipment
  11. Chemical and Bio Warfare Supplies
  12. Self Protection
  13. How to Grow Food In An Apartment
  14. Survival Techniques If Mobile
  15. Survival Guides
  16. Solar Ovens
  17. Generators
  18. Police Scanners
  19. Ready made back packs in case you find yourself going mobile
  20. Finding Alternative Methods Of Employment (legitimate Work From Home Jobs if laid off)
  21. Precious Metals 

Take your time while on this survival site.  We have furnished many solutions to assist with this possible event.  I'd rather not ask, "How to survive a depression today?"  We can know the ways ahead of time.  Survival preparation is the key.  We will even provide links to legitimate work from home jobs that you can start doing part time, just in case your current position is eliminated.  How to survive a depression will depend on us thinking outside of the box.  Lets go further into this unique survival site to see what it has to offer.  **If you think this is a joke, see the failed banks list as of October 2000.


  1. Surviving A Job Loss Telecommute
    Surviving a job loss may mean we need to explore non-traditional telecommute jobs. To telecommute may be a solution to surviving a job loss.

  2. Depression Survival Equipment Survival Showcase Survival Kit
    Our Survival Showcase will show the right survival kit for you. A survival kit would be the first step for survival of a disaster. You can also find depression survival equipment.

  3. Free Trials & Coupons
    Free trials and coupons on health products. These are free with the option to purchase. Discount coupons will be located and posted.

  4. Free Manuals For A Depression - Free Ebooks
    A collection of gardening and financial ebooks to download to prepare for a depression. Gardening, financial, energy, and other various topics.

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How To Survive A Depression Today - Today Is The Day Survival Planning Begins



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